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cart abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts are a nuisance for everyone involved. Often this can be prevented. At Happy Callr, we rely on trust and proximity. Our product experts contact the customer on their preferred platform and clarify questions and guide them to completion of the purchase process.

We offer personal customer service for online commerce


We offer you trained product experts who have mastered social selling. Your customers will remember a personal customer experience that will leave a lasting impression on them.


Who are we and what do we do?

We are team of future thinking digital commerce enthusiasts with an attitude that immersed from being deeply rooted in modern urban culture. We are passionate about what's going viral on tik-tok &co and the trends in your brands' stratosphere.

We are building the new frontier in customer experience by enabling brands to scale up their social selling workforce.

Adding personal social selling via video calls, WhatsApp or social media channels, will give your e-commerce experience the boost you need to succeed against your competitors in online and brick-and-mortar retail.

Our social selling agents sell with expertise, storytelling and hyper-engagement on your e-commerce shop!

Boost your E-Commerce. Make interactive product experts the heart of your customer experience!

Go beyond simply just selling your products in an online-shop. Make interactive product experts the heart of your customer experience!

We provide your customers with immersive

social online shopping experiences.

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